Jewelries has long been known as the ultimate status symbol for royal families, culture and social leaders, and even to the respected families.

At Vilia Ciputra, we see jewelries and accessories more as wearable art, and to take it as art, it simply means that our jewelries and accessories have significant bond with people and the life itself.  It should be able to express about who we are, why did we fall in love to that piece of jewelry, why did we purchase it, and how it made us feel.  Like your very own story book, jewelries and accessories are suppose to remind us about ourselves and our very own journey of life. About every moment that we love, every person that is important to us, and one day, as a legacy of our own.

We all know that art has always been the standard of human civilizations for centuries, and to that reason, art will never eliminate the presence of human on its journey. Therefore we believe jewelries and accessories should be handmade by skillful artisans and not by machines. Jewelries and accessories should have the value of the life itself incorporated into the aesthetic values to suit the modern life.

We also believe that jewelries and accessories are for everyone.

As a business, we believe that a business should be more than just about making profit. It has to nurture all of the people who involved in the business and contribute to the goodness of the society. That's why we do a small step by creating a special line for charity, called as Angel of Hopes. 100% profit from this line goes to any charity programs or events that we supported.

As what Mr.Martin Luther said, "Everything that is done in the world, is done by hope" and as Aesop said, "No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted."

We at Vilia Ciputra, create with passion at heart and do business with hope and kindness at mind.



Started the contemporary jewelry and accessories line on March 2009 with Organic Jewelry Collections and debuted her Earth Love Story Collection at Jakarta Fashion Week 2009, her collections gain popularity and become the hot topics among the media, high fashion and socialites in Jakarta.

Not only named as Successful Woman Entrepreneur by Femina Magazine and invited as the key speaker at Women Entrepreneur Testimonial with Femina Magazine, she is also invited as the key speaker at Online Business Seminar with the winners of UK Fashion Young Entrepreneurs.

Vilia's creations have been featured in magazines such as Dewi, Female, Eve, Sekar, Femina, Le Marriage, Clara, Chic, Nea, Nova, Parents Guide, Cosmopolitan, Bandung Advertiser, and many more. Her profiles has been featured in Kompas, SWA, Femina, and Sekar. She has also interviewed by Trans TV for her fashion community contributions. Some celebrities that have been dressed and jeweled by Vilia including Sandra Deewi, Titi DJ, Ruth Sahanaya, Ashanty, Maria Harfanti (2nd Runner Up of Miss World), Indi Barends, Zizi (Putri Indonesia 2009), Dona Agnesia, Maylaffayza, Tia AFI, Tia Ivanka, and many more.

Widely known for her bold color collaborations and intricate designs, within 2 years the business has been expanding and her creations could be found at several high end shopping malls and boutiques in Indonesia. Our products have also been exported to France, UK, Japan, Australia, US, Malaysia, Spore, Hong Kong, etc.

As she started her first charity collections (Pieces of Hearts) back on 2009 with a mission to motivate and share hopes for others, it is natural that she continue her mission on December 2010 by creating Angels of Hopes Collections with a mission to help the victims of Merapi and Mentawai. Angel of Hopes continue to be a charity line with a commitment of 100% profit for charity until now. Our latest project in 2016 was; supporting Mimpi Kecil musical drama to raise fund for the people of dusun Koko, NTT in #Heart4NTT programme.