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Guess this is the reason why I put my name as the brand of the business, cause every part of it, is also a part of my life journey.  Whatever changes that I made in life, whatever values that I adapted or re-constructed, and whatever inspires me, will go to my designs as well.

I think, that is the most consistent part of this brand; changes.

As much as I want to create 'consistent pieces', I can't. Because they might look pretty and all, but they will only end up as another soulless fast fashion items that soon we all will get bored of. So, here we are, embracing changes as how we will do it with life; with passion and courage.

I traveled a lot these few years. Visited new countries and new places, trying new things that mostly I (used to) will say no to, seeing new cultures and new values that the people hold on to, in different places. It was fascinating, how art could be so festive, how changes could be so addictive, and how life could be so embraced by human.

Many people asked me, "Why do you love to travel?"
And my answer will always be, "Because I love to meet the different sides of me that I met on each of my journeys."

And I realize, I want that feeling in my jewelries, too!

I want something that could surprise me a little bit when I wear them, and makes me say to myself, "Oh wow...I didn't expect it to look good on me!" I want something that gives my overall look a little sparks, yet not too much effort and still stay composed. Something that makes me feel excited and reminds me of how fun changes and life are. And of course I want them to be travel friendly, cause I will bring them with me, to lock my memory with.

Yet most of all, I want you to feel the same way, too! That whenever you wear our pieces, you will be reminded to embrace your life and to welcome changes on every part of it. To have the courage to try new things that you might have thought as not suitable for you, for a looong time. To be real and truly you, including the past you, the current you, and the you that you've never met before.

With Love,


To love artisanal jewelries is to appreciate the finest things in life,
and nothing is finest that the freedom of being yourself truly.


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