Garuda Indonesia Anniversary Show Collection

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Royal Journey
Garuda Indonesia Anniversary Show Collection
Dharmawangsa Hotel

A journey is always exciting. This time, I made few journeys.
Journey of time and centuries, journey of hearts, journey to new places and journey of fantasies.

Royal Journey is about a journey of jewelries. Some styles that comes from the Victorian and Baroque eras, combine with Edwardian eras and complete with today's modern touch. Royal Journey is how the royal jewelries' journey to today's life.

How women today could wear them and still feel classy without looking too vintage, and how the essence of royal jewelries could fit into today's world.

Royal Journey is a journey of souls.
Happy Anniversary Garuda Indonesia, till we meet again in our next journey.

Wardrobe Collection: Philosophy (Tenun Baduy) - Era Soekamto

PS: Sorry for the miss spelling on the pictures above. :P Too lazy to change it one by one hahaha...:P


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